Board of Directors

Community Action Agencies are required to have governing boards to gain & retain designation as eligible entities & to receive CSBG funding. Effective tripartite boards reflect & promote the unique anti-poverty leadership, action, and mobilization responsibilities assigned by law to CAAs. Boards are responsible for assuring that agencies continue to assess & respond to the causes & conditions of poverty in their community, achieve anticipated family & community outcomes, and remain administratively & fiscally sound.

Tripartite Board of Directors

A tripartite board members is made up of 1/3 low-income, 1/3 private, and 1/3 public representation.

Board Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Boards Establish Policy, Executive Directors Execute Policy
  • Boards Set Agency Mission, Executive Directors Accomplish Agency Mission
  • Boards Set Performance Targets, Executive Directors Guide Work to Achieve Targets
  • Boards & Executive Directors Evaluate Agency Performance, Both are Accountable
  • Boards Supervise Directly Only One Employee-The Executive Director


The Board is legally and morally responsible for all activities of the Agency. The Board is solely responsible for determining agency policy, approving the annual budget and determining the goals of the agency.

Current Board of Directors:

Doug Benander, Board Chair, Representative of the Low-Income Sector

Cesar Alfaro, Representative of the Low-Income Sector

Lt. John Kuhn, Representative of the Public Sector

David Duisenberg, Representative of the Private Sector

Bobby Jones, Representative of the Low-Income Sector

Doris Ristine, Representative of the Public Sector

Noelle Ferdon, Representative of the Private Sector